Frankfurt:: Unfortunately after 10 years the Experimental Bureau had to move out of its location in the Elkenbachstr. by the end of January 2017.

Due to the impossible situation in Frankfurt (spaces and rents) it has been impossible to replicate the setup elsewhere.
Exhibition, collection, and artworks could be stored and pop up moments at other places are planned.
With the great help by Dominik Burschardt
and Burkhard Lang

1) Archive and non-interactive labaratory parts: Bornheimer Landstr. 46
2) other elements: Hamburger Allee 96 HH

A great option, from which I had been offered the space for interactive events, the Frankfurt location of Glück ist jetzt, meanwhile apparently has also become victims of the sweep and had to move out from Baumweg.

I am still plannig to put some VR/3d stuff oft the old Experimental Bureau. Let's see if I will find time.

Barcelona: During 2017 the Experimental Bureau establishes itself in different forms in Barcelona, Spain. Inquiries welcome.

So far there has been a pop up show in Born at the Inout (May) and at the Maker Faire (June). Inquieries are welcome.
A summary of the Experimental Bureau concept state 2016:
e57 2016

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